Yorkshire Rebellion 1489


Yorkshire Rebellion 1489


  • Henry was in a bad financial position to fund foreign wars.
  • Wanted to take control of Brittany, and take action against France to stop them from claiming it. - They could invade England more easily.
  • Henry had to raise £100,000 in tax. Yorkshire felt it had nothing to do with them.
  • Bad harvest in 1488- no money, and helped defend England at Scottish borders.


  • Rebels marched to York.
  • Earl of Northumberland (Henry VII's tax collector) sympathised and sent word to the King. Killed by rebels.
  • Earl of Surrey sent North with an army to put the rebellion down- people dispersed at this.
  • Only £25,000 was raised.
  • Henry strengthened presence in the North.
  • Sir John Egremont- Gentry Leader escaped capture and fled abroad.

Overall summary

Size- 5,000 rebels involved. Cause- Economic caused rebellion. Class- Lower class mainly (gentry leaders, yeoman protestors). Reaction- Some ringleaders were hanged, army sent along with Surrey. Sir John Egremont (gentry). Yorkshire. Henry VII.


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