Wilhelm II Mistakes

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Wilhelm II Mistakes


  • End of Dreikaiserbund
  • Weltpolitik - Wilhelm wanted Germany to be more powerful, have an Empire and Navy to rival Britain's
  • Entente Cordiale - He thought it was alliance against Germany
  • 1st Moroccan Crisis - WIlhelm rode through Tangiers on a white horse to test the strength of the Entente Cordiale
  • Bosnian Crisis - He gave his full support to Austria - Hungary despite her illegal invasion of Bosnia-
  • 2nd Moroccan Crisis - Wilhelm sent a gunboat to Morocco


  • Russia and France sign an alliance which makes Germany feel threatened
  • Made Britain feel threatened so she left Splendid Isolation, eventually making Germany feel encircled.
  • Britain and France became closer and Germany felt even more threatened
  • Britain signed an Entente with Russia, the Entente Cordiale got stronger, but Britain did not support France all the way to war which pleased Germany. Germany felt more encircled
  • Britain, France and Russia became closer, Italy became less keen on the triple alliance, and there were now two clear armed camps in Europe. Austria-Hungary gave her full support to Germany
  • Anglo-German relations worsened, but the Entente Cordiale was strengthened by the Naval Agreement. Italy would not support Germany in a war against Britain. Germany was humiliated.

Overall summary

Many of Kaiser Wilhelms actions allowed Britain, France and Russia to become closer, splitting Europe into two armed camps. As Britain became closer to France and Russia, Wilhelm felt more threatened and encircled, and his attempts to split the Triple Entente up failed, pushing the other countries yet closer and humiliating Germany. The mistakes and actions of Wilhelm were one of the most important factors in the creation of two armed camps in Europe.


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