Whiting's model of info processing


Process Order


Input data from display

  • Involves info from the environment which enters the brain via sense organs, for example, before catching a ball, the catcher sees the ball and is aware of the thrower's movement.

Receptor systems

  • Refers to the sense organs which receive info.

Perceptual mechanism

  • Is the part of the brain which perceives the surroundings and gives them meaning.

Translatory mechanism

  • Consists of the part of the brain which makes decisions and sorts out and processes the few relevant bits or info from the many inputs from the surroundings.

Effector mechanism

  • Is the part of the brain which carries out the decisions and sends messages to the limbs and parts of the body via the nervous system.


  • Involves the effector mechanism and muscle movement. The nerves send messages to the muscles which move in order for the ball to be caught.


  • Is info which is used during and after an action or movement which enables a performer to adjust or change performance according to this new info.




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