Was the Gospel reliable?

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Was the Gospel reliable?


  • Peter was Mark's primary source - a disciple who was at 3 key events in Jesus' life
  • Mark may have been an eyewitness to some events
  • Christians believe the Gospels were inspired by God
  • There are quotes in Aramaic of Jesus' actual words
  • His mother owned the house that hosted the Last Supper
  • Mark had several sources such as Bartimaeus and Simon of Cyrene
  • Witnesses to miracles are names - Peter, James and John


  • Peter was Mark's primary source - Peter was  old ans was telling it from memory
  • Marks doesn't know it all
  • Peter  also abandoned Jesus so how reliable was he?
  • In Luke's Gospel at Jesus' crucification there were 2 other people. One man jeered at Jesus and the other said how Jesus didn't deserve what he got, Mark doesn't tell it like this ( may not have been relevant to him)
  • Mark might have twisted things due to his intentions for the Gospel


Although Marks main source of information was old and may have been forgetting details there were still other sources including Mark himself to provide accurate information. Even though Mark may have had very accurate information he may have twisted it to fit the intentions of his Gospel so we may not be hearing the correct story. Mark may have also skipped out parts of Jesus' story as they were not relevant to him personally so he didn't include them in his Gospel. Mark may have witnesses some key points in Jesus' life as his mother owned the house the last supper was held in - he could have been there. Mark also included a detail in his Gospel that no other writer used- at the Garden of Gethsemane a young man was so afraid that he fled leaving his robes behind him.


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