'Walking Away' and 'Mother, any distance'

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'Walking Away' and 'Mother, any distance'


  • both about the growing distance in parent child relationships
  • 'Walking Away' - natural imagery, caesura, metaphors
  • 'Mother, any distance' - loosely based on sonnet but doesn't conform to the original sonnet form, imagery of physical distance and metaphors


  • varying degrees of optimism about the growing apart
  • 'Mother, any distance' = not as sure
  • ending is significant - Biblical imagery in 'Walking Away' suggests that it was the right thing to do. Whereas in 'Mother, any distance' the imagery of flying or falling questions the idea that it is right or wrong.

Overall comparison

'Walking Away' and 'Mother, any distance' present a growing distance in parent child relationships with varying degrees of optimism.


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