Unit 1: Believing in God - Religious Upbringing


Unit 1: Believing in God - Religious Upbringing


  • Baptism
  • School
  • Parents Examples
  • Worship
  • Confirmation
  • Community


  • Baptism- A child is welcomed into the the church with family, friends and the worshipping congregation promising to support them within the Christian faith.
  • School - Christian parents may choose a church school that helps educate children in the Christian faith.
  • Parents' Examples - Through their own examples, Christian parents will encourage their children to believe in God. By seeing their parents praying, hearing about God through Bible stories and attending Church, children will be more likely to believe in God.
  • Worship - Children attend Sunday School to learn about Jesus, God and the church. They also attend Church services and celebrate Christian festivals.
  • Community - Young Christians can meet and share in activities such as Bible study groups, youth clubs, prayer meetings or other events. This offers a sense of belonging and community. Young adults are supported by the Church and may also meet partners in the Church community.

Overall summary

Christians believe it is their duty to marry, have family and raise their children within the Christian faith.Christians believe their religion gives children a secure basis and helps them through difficulties.


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