Types of love in Othello: Othello (part 2)


Love & Deception

Forbidden love

  • "Look to her, Moor, if thous hast eyes to see/ She deceived her father and my thee" (1.3.288-9)
  • "I know our country disposition well/ In Venice they do let God see the pranks/ They dare not show their husbands" (3.3.203-4)
  • "She did deceive her father marrying you" (3.3.208)
  • "Villainy hath made mocks with love!" (5.2.150)
  • "Damned as thou art thou has enchanted her" (1.2.63)
  • "Run from  her guardage to the sooty bosom/ Of such a thing as thou" (1.2.70-1)
  • "Haply for i am black/ And have not those soft parts of conversation/ That chamberers have" (3.3.265-7)
  • "For i am declined/ Into the vale of years" (3.3.267-8)

Marital love

Idealised love

  • "I won his daughter" (1.3.94)
  • "O curse of marriage" (3.3.270)
  • "If it were now to die/ 'Twere now to be most happy" (2.1.181-2)
  • "It is too much of joy" (2.1.189)
  • "But i do love thee; and when i love thee not/ Chaos is come again" (3.3.91-2)


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