Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles


  • Brought peace to Europe
  • Lead to set up of League of Nations
  • Some people thought it was fair because the war caused so much death and damage
  • Germany was too weak to attack in the near future


  • Left Germany with bad feelings towards America, Britain and France
  • Wilson had too much faith that the League of Nations would solve the worlds problems, but the US wouldn't join which
  • Germany could not afford to pay so the treaty was unrealistic
  • Self-determination was difficult or countries like Poland as many different nationality
  • German anger was bound to lead to probelems


The Treaty of Versailles failed because the Germans were so angry they started another war, WW2. It brought short term peace and the League of Nations was set up, but the USA never joined so the League of Nations also failed, making the Treaty a complete failure. Even the creators were not happy, Wilson and Lloyd George thought it was too harsh, and Clemenceau and the French people thought it wasn't harsh enough. It was also one of the reasons Hitler came to power.


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