The Road - plot summary


Section of plot


Section 1 - opening of novel, including dream, setting of the scene and first flashback of the man's childhood memory

Section 2 - man and boy continue south to "gap in mountains" including visit the barn, introduction to theme of dreams, visit to supermarket and childhood home

Section 3 - flashback to the birth of his son, roadtrucker incident, entering into a town, the boy sees a dog and introduction to the theme of 'carrying the fire'

Section 4 - another little boy, man forgets details from the old world forgotten, wall of dried human heads and raw skulls, bad guys move past but do not see them, trees fall down, two men pass by but they do not see them

Section 5 - find a grand house and they find the people in the basement, the man wonders if he will have to take the boy's life

Section 6 - recovery and the barn house

Section 7 - desperation, rain, running out of food, fear of death and confusion of mind

Section 8 - about the half way point - something is needed to give the pair hope and the bunker provides this

Section 9 - preparing for reality and leaving the bunker

Section 10 - the meeting with Ely

Section 11 - man knows he is going to die, old and new worlds clash in finding of train and speech discussing the sea and they continue to make their way towards the sea

Section 12 - dreams and baby on spits

Section 13 - camp by the river, boy asks the man about the baby, discovery of house food and wheelbarrow

Section 14 - arrival at the coast and exploration of the boat

Section 15 - getting caught in the storm and the flare gun

Section 16 - boy gets ill and then recovers

Section 17

Section 18 -the man and the boy progress to a town, the man is shot in the leg with an arrow and they talk about what they want

Section 19

Section 20

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