The Country Wife- Alithea

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  • Wholesome
  • Does not want to cuckold her husband
  • Love interest to Harcourt
  • Engaged to Sparkish, largely hinted he is marrying her for money
  • Complicated character, many layers
  • She is the most straightforward of the characters
  • Foil to the Virtuous Gang, who pretend to have their virtue and honour, but who actually have sex
  • Very wholesome, she does not go off with Harcourt because of her faithfulness to Sparkish
  • Annoyed when Sparkish does not take Harcourt's attempts seriously
  • Also involved in the Pinchwifes' plot, tells her sister-in-law about town
  • Respects her brother

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Does not change her wholesome ways
  • But opens her eyes more- to Harcourt and her feelings for him
  • Also disregards Sparkish's foolishness
  • Her and Harcourt only characters to end up in a happy marriage
  • Name=means verity and truth, as Alithea tells truth, pretty much the only character to do so


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