The Children Act 1989


The Children Act 1989


  • Protects Vulnerable People
  • Early Intervention From Local Agency - Better Than A Crisis Intervention From A Statutory Agency
  • Procedures Help Make Sure Children Are Less Likely To Slip Through The Net - More Support Given To Families To Reduce The Chances Of This
  • The Boards Reviewing Protection Are Now Statutory and Duties Clearly Established
  • Children Have A Say In What Happens To Them
  • Act Applies To ALL Children Regardless Of Abilities (Physical/Cognitive)
  • Children's Needs And Views Are Promoted At The High Legislative Level


  • People Working Within Public Service Jobs Need To Change How They Work - Can Cause Conflict
  • This Piece Of Legislation Only Applies To England
  • In Multi- Agency Work Who Will Be Accountable If The System Does Not Work?
  • Staff May Not Be Adequately Trained In Safeguarding
  • Organisations May Have To Change The Way They Work In Order To Work Together - Resistance To Change - Concerns About Confidentiality


The Children Act covers many important issues such as listening to children's views and opinions, early intervention instead of crisis intervention and protecting all children including ones who many suffer from physical or cognitive difficulties. However, there are still errors within this piece of legislation as it only applies to children in England and that organisations may try to resist working together.




A good addition to some of the mind maps commented on which could be used to develop understanding and assessment of the Children Act use within health and social care settings. Depth could be added and developed further by making annotations identifying clear real to life examples/case studies ( i.e. Victoria Climbie) demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses. Good resource. 

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