The Agadir Crisis 1911


The Agadir Crisis 1911


  • In 1911 there was a rebellion against the sultan of Morocco.
  • France used this as an opportunity to move in and take power in Morocco. The French offered compensation to all countries that lost out on trade as a result.
  • Germany was not satisfied with this.


  • Germany sent a gunboat to Agadir, a Moroccan port, worrying the British that they would set up a naval base there.
  • David Lloyd George threatened war with GR if it didn't stop 'bullying' FR. Kaiser Wilhelm did not back down.
  • Germany got a large area of French Congo as a colony in compensation for giving up land in north Africa, but this was mostly worthless swamp.

Overall summary

GR had again tried to upset the British and French Entente, but once again BR defended FR. This time, BR even threatened war with GR.


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