The Aeneid Character Analysis - Turnus (Book 12)

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  • BRAVE- He attacks Aeneas full on when they first meet - 'swiftly rushed forward' 'procurso rapido'. He also 'flashes forward' to attack Aeneas.
  • STRONG - He is described as a bull 'taurus'
  • FATED - Jupiter places his fate in the scales of fate 'Iuppiter ipse duas aequato examine lances sustinet'
  • COWARD - When his sword breaks he runs away - 'if flight had not come to his aid' 'ni fuga subsidio subeat'
  • INFERIOR - he is inferior to Aeneas beacuse he is descried as being like a terrified stag being chased by a hunting dog. The stag flees from the superior animal, and similarly Turnus flees from Aeneas who is superior
  • He is the antagonist - he presents Aeneas with a final obstacle to overcome before he can find Rome
  • Turnus cannot beat Aeneas because Aeneas is fated to find Rome. Turnus is all that stands in his way. Eventually Aeneas has to beat Turnus to fulfil his destiny

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Turnus character does not change very much. He is the only obstacle in Aeneas' way - he  is always fated to lose.
  • Aeneas was originally persuaded by Turnus' supplication and was not going to kill him - the text says Aeneas 'restrained his right hand' 'dextramque repressit'
  • Then Aeneas sees Pallas' belt which Turnus is wearing and kills Turnus in revenge for Pallas
  • You are not supposed to kill supplicants because Jupiter protects them. Normally if you supplicate someone you appeal the idea of the father figure - which Turnus does.


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