The Soldier vs. Mametz Wood

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The Soldier vs. Mametz Wood


  • IMAGE:                                                                                                        They both create and image of bodies in the ground. However, they differ because The Soldier illustrates that the soil that contains the English dead is 'richer' than any other soil. The word 'richer' implies that...Mametz Wood highlights the macabre of the soldiers dead bodies and 'socketed heads' being wrenched from the soil.
  • QUOTES:                                                                                                  'socketed heads' from Mametz Wood- macabre image.                   'richer' from The Soldier - richer-more powerful, so England is more powerful and better than the opponents, so will overcome them an that by dying, the soldiers are helping their country do this.


  • CONTEXT:                                                                                                         One was written before the war started and one after it, so they have a different perspective. The Soldier could definitely be argued to be a strong piece of propaganda and at the time, it at first reassured, but then angered people as they found the message so different to reality. By the time Mametz Wood  was written the truth was known about the tragedy of war. However, it also tells a story that the people at home weren't aware of because it brings to light the awful aftereffects and how they affect the landscape today.
  • MESSAGE:                                                                                                         The Soldier conveys the message that it is noble to fight and die for your country. To get this across, it misses out the gruesome deaths and the reactions of these soldier's families. Instead it focusses on how great England is and how the soldiers will get eternal peace after the war, whether they return to England or go to heaven. However, Mametz Wood demonstrates the tragedy of war and long-term consequences. 'wasted young' is a perfect example of this...
  • QUOTES:                                                                                                         'If I should die' from the Soldier- misses out the gruesome death, 'if' implies that it probably won't happen. 'wasted young' from Mametz Wood - bravery wasn't acknowledged, 600 men died just for a bit a wood, so it was a 'waste'

Overall comparison

The Soldier and Mametz Wood are very different poems and I think that this is because they are written from different knowledge bases, one after and one before the war. They both reflect on the soldiers bodies in the ground and I think that this is effective because it conveys that they are still there and with us today. The Soldier used this to portray everlasting rest and peace from the fighting. On the other hand, Mametz Woods uses this idea to imply that war doesn't just end when it is declared over and soldier's lives don't just end when they die, because the atrocities are still here for us to see today.


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