The generalisability of Harlow's study


The generalisability of Harlow's study


  • First study to give us experimental evidence on attachment
  • Used monkeys which are similar to humans as we both are socail animals


  • Can't be repeated on humans
  • Humans and monkeys are not the same therefore we can't be 100% sure that the results are generalisable.


A disadvantage of Harlow's study is that he uses monkeys instead of humans, even though monkeys are similar to humans in terms of the fact that they are social animals. We must remember that humans have more complex brain structure to monkeys and therefore we can have doubts about wanting to generalise the results straight away. However, we must remember that this was the first study to give experimental evidence on attachment meaning we must give credit to Harlow since his study has had impact on the way we bring up children.


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