The Gene Revolution

The Gene Revolution


  • increased exports and rising farm incomes
  • less fertilisers and pesticides are needed
  • provides farmers with disease-free planting material
  • develops crops that resists pests and diseases
  • some studies suggest yields increase significantly


  • seeds only last one growing season
  • some weeds are now developing herbicide resistance
  • farmers depend on buying seeds and chemicals from TNCs eg Monsanto
  • does not always improve food security as many crops are grown for exports
  • public opinion may reject the technology eg UK
  • deforestation occurs to increase the area under GM crops eg Latin America
  • fears for biodiversity by cross contamination


not the best solution for developing countries as it is a revolution more focused on profits that can be made from high yields obtained. Big TNCs may have no regard for the environment as they are driven by increasing their profit margins. 


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