The Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Victory

The Battle of Little Bighorn - Indian Victory


  • Terry and Sheridan
  • General Custer
  • Reno and Benteen
  • Indians
  • Bad Luck


  • No communication, didn't know how mant Indians, Custer history of disobeying but Terry put in charge anyway
  • Desire for fame and glory, refused extra men, disobeyed orders, men and horses exhausted, attacked without waiting, ignored warnings, split men, poor relationship with commanders, single shot rifles
  • Didn't help Custer
  • Several tribes combined, confidence from sun dance, better armed, pitched battle, knew terrain
  • Quicksand, warriors in tipis, Indians found dropped ammo pack

Overall summary

General Custer was the main cause of the Indians' victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn.


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