Susie Salmon




  • Courageous, generous and curious
  • A dreamer with the desire to be a wildlife photographer
  • Shows compassion towards her family in their grief
  • Almost upbeat about her death
  • Protagonist and Narrator of the novel
  • Influences the individual decisions and outcomes of the novel
  • Could be seen as a hero
  • Provides a fresh perspective on Earthly happenings, and on how the dead and the living interact

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Susie is everything that Harvey wasn't as a child-loved, happy and safe
  • Seeks a mature revenge for her own death and those of the other victims
  • Slowly grieves her own death
  • Finally accepts that she is dead and is able to move on
  • Only after she matures she is ready to tell us her story-thereforethe novel is written with Susie looking back on her memory
  • Her characteristics enable her to follow Lindsey's rites of passage with pleasure "She kissed him. It was glorious. I was almost alive again."
  • Shows an acute awareness of her loss "In the walls of my sex there was horror and blood, in the walls of hers there were windows.",  "the marvellous weight weighing me down was the weight of a human body",  "
  • "Spreading out from this Earth had been a moonbeam that swirled and blinked on and off"
  • Accepts that she is dead "I was done yearning for them, needing them to yearn for me. Though I still would. Though they still would. Always."
  • Last sentence is directed to us, her readers "I wish you a long and happy life."


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