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  • More proportional system
  • Votes aren't wasted
  • Voters have more choice
  • Small parties can get candidates elected
  • Independents have a better chance of being elected


  • Counting and transferring the votes is complicated
  • Leads to coalition governments
  • Weakens the MP- constituency link present under FPTP
  • Tactical voting may take place
  • Long time to count the votes


   STV is an electoral system where seats in the legislature are allocated proportionally to the votes. Voters rank candidates in order of preference, thus giving voters a great deal of choice as well as both choices having worth. However voters may use this for tactical voting, for voting for somebody who they know's going to reach the quota, so their second choices may count more.
   It is used in Northern Ireland for elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the European Parliament, local elections in Scotland and local authorities.


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