Strict Liability Advantages and Disadvantages

Strict Liability Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ensures public safety. (R v G)
  • Stop people escaping liability as there's no need to prove MR.
  • Easier to prove because no MR.
  • Deterrent. (R v G)
  • Vigilance. (Harrow v Shah)
  • Quicker as there's less to prove in court so it is therefore cheaper.
  • Encourages compliance with the law. (Speeding)


  • Some cases are unjust and unfair. (Callow v Tillsone)
  • Statutes can be confusing and unclear.
  • Not clear that it raises standards as it is not the most effective way better funding yields better results.
  • Penalties are severe. (Gammon)
  • Doesn't have to be done voluntarily.
  • Local stigma. (Callow v Tillsone)


Overall there is are many disadvantages and advantages to the use of strict liability. It ensures that people follow statutes and regulations in order to maintain public safety.


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