Nazi Germany - Stresemann's Solutions: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Stresemann's Solutions - Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Hyper-inflation: Stresemann introduced a new currency, which brought the inflation under control.
  • Invasion of the Ruhr: Stresemann stopped the passive resistance in the Ruhr and promised to pay the reparations like promised. The French left the Ruhr and industry was allowed to begin once again.
  • Germany wasn't trusted: Stresemann signed the Locarno act, meaning that no one could invade each other. The league of nations allowed Germany to have a say in some major decisions.
  • Reparations: Stresemann agreed to pay reparations, and the Dawes Plan gave him move time to do so. Also, thanks to the Young Plan, they didn't have to pay as much, either.
  • German Economy: Stresemann got loans from the USA, and used these to help rebuild Germany. 3 million new homes were built to help the poor and unemployed.
  • Political Stability: Stresemann formed a coalition that allowed the Reichstag to govern in a more beneficial manner.


  • Hyper-inflation: People who had saved money did not get that money back.
  • Invasion of the Ruhr: Many German citizens thought this was too much like giving in to the French. This raised the hatred for Stresemann.
  • Germany wasn't trusted: Again, many Germans thought it was weak to do this.
  • Reparations: This angered people because they didn't think they should pay reparations at all. Germany could be in debt for a long, long time.
  • German Economy: However, Germany depended on the USA for this, and unemployment was still high. Rich people lost out, as they had to pay more taxes.
  • Political Stability: This all depended on Stresemann, and if he was to die then it would all collapse.


Stresemann was clearly trying to help Germany, and he managed to do so in many a way. However, his solutions often caused more problems, like loaning from the USA, and losing the support of many Germans.


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