strengths and weakness of Absolutism

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strengths and weakness of Absolutism


  • morality is not based on individuals. groups or preferences but rather on 'abselute universal laws'
  • enables cocities to share common values. some are of which can be found in the bible(i.e 'you shall not kill' jews muslims, and christains belive in this.
  • it gives athority to human rights legislation. Designed to protect people humans rights- a relativist apprach does allow this.
  • it allows societty to evaluate the morality of another society.
  • it gives clear moral judgement.
  • it allows quick thical  decisons to be made


  • it takes no account of historical development
  • it takes no account of cultural differences. (King Daruis)
  • it takes no account of situation
  • condementary and harsh- the law has to be obeyed no matte the consequences to the individual


As with any other ethical theory absolutsm has a number of stregths and weakness




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