Winston Churchill: Second Term, 1951 - 1955

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Sir Winston Churchill: Second Term, of 1951 - 1955


  • Had developed a good reputation for leading Britain to victory in WW2.
  • Had an excellent campaign against Attlee’s Labour party.
  • Voted into power at an advantageous time, economically-wise.
  • Charismatic speaker.
  • Under Eden’s supervision, 300,000 houses built each year, as promised in campaign.


  • Old; had health issues; a stroke in ‘53, for example.
  • Feared nuclear war; fancied himself an ‘elder statesman’.
  • Visited US frequently, as a result. Hardly a domestic politician.
  • Fickle with Parties; was Conservative, then Liberal, then Conservative, again.
  • Day-to-day governing was left to Chancellor RAB or acting PM, Eden.
  • Three key politicians, RAB, Eden, and Macmillan, were rivals, so inter-party conflict.
  • Eden was quite impatient for Churchill to resign.
  • Put people into positions they unsuited to; RAB as Chancellor.
  • Unable to accept that Britain not a superpower.



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