Romeo and Juliet - Romeo

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  • Intelligent - his meeting with Juliet in the Capulet's feast (Act I Scene V)
  • Impulsive - can't stop wallowing about his sadness
  • Immature - just wants to commit suicide after hearing the news of banishment (Act V Scene III)
  • Passionate - his love for Juliet & Rosaline
  • Superstitious - believed in dreams and fate (Act I Scene IV)
  • Fickle - from Rosaline to Juliet
  • Emotional - emotions can overcome him and becomes crazed/ mad
  • Idealist of love - focuses more on the spiritual love rather than physical love
  • First as a melancholy lover in the opening scenes
  • A Petrarchan lover for his unrequited love for Rosaline
  • Son and heir of Lord and Lady Montague
  • Friend of Mercutio and Benvolio

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Undergoes some huge changes after meeting Juliet
  • Charming - charms Juliet in the Capulet's feast
  • Romantic/ Imaginative - pretends to be a lowly pilgrim and Juliet a saint when they meet (Act I Scene V)
  • Witty - shows great wit in the banter with Mercutio the morning after meeting Juliet.  He wins the battle of wits (Act II Scene IV)


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