Representative Democracy

Representative Democracy


  • Reps may have better judgement than mass of people
  • Reps might me more rational and not swayed by emotion
  • Reps can protect interests of minority
  • Reps better informed than general public


  • Reps might distort people's demands, go by their own agenda instead
  • Reps have to decide whether to be 'delegates' and put forth their consitutents views or use their own judgement and represent their constituents (known as Burkean representation)


Although, it is used in the UK, there is a question of whether representative democracy is the best method of democracy because it can lead to the opposite of what democracy is about, as politicians and elected representative can use their position to put forward their own ideas as opposed to those of their constituents. However, this being said, representatives are likely better informed than the mass of people, therefore can make their better judgements because they will be able to predict, theoretically, potential downfalls and advantages and how it affects their constituency. 


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