Religion & State Capital Punishment

Religion and state, Christian, for & against capital punishment. 

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Religion & State Capital Punishment


  • In the Bible it states 'an eye for an eye.'
  • If God wills someone to die then they will.
  • Some people say capital punishment deter others from crimes, only way to get justice.
  • Too expensive to keep murderers in prison for life.
  • Some sacred texts, state that certain crimes deserve the death sentence/
  • If criminal escapes or released they can murder again.
  • Some criminals prefer their life to be taken than spend it in prison.


  • Jesus taught the importance of mercy.
  • All life is sacred.
  • Taking a life won't bring another life back.
  • In the ten commandments it says "thou shalt not kill."
  • Mistakes can be made and the wrong person could be executed.
  • Some people are executed for crimes that don't involve taking a life such as drug trafficking.


On one hand in my opinion I think that capital punishment is wrong because in the Bible it teaches that all life is sacred, and one of the ten commandments is "thou shalt not kill," I also think that the main reason for capital punishment is because of a loss of a loved one, and capital punishment which is taking a life wont bring another life back. However on the other hand, I think that capital punishment is the only true way to get justice as it deters others from crime, and it also protects society as the murderer cannot escape and commit the crime again. Overall I'm against capital punishment because we are going against God's will and we are 'playing' God, as He decides when life begins and when life ends and Jesus taught the importance of mercy and showing forgiveness. 


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