Physical Activity

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Physical recreation/Outdoor recreation

  • Not competitive
  • No rules
  • Enjoyment
  • Playing in the park with friends
  • Not competitive
  • Friendly
  • Football in a field with friends
  • Amateurs
  • Stress relief, relaxation & enjoyment

Physical education/ outdoor education


  • PE lessons in school (national curriculum) /extra curricular clubs
  • Specialist staff/coaches
  • Natural environment(lakes and rivers)
  • knowledge improvement as well as physical skills
  • love of the outdoors
  • expense, lack of staff, lack of specialist facilities can hinder this
  • Organised, rules & regulations written by NGBs
  • Coaches, elite, professionals
  • aesthetic quality
  • committed to training and coaching
  • sponsorship and media interest (golden triangle)
  • intrinsic rewards - sense of achievement
  • extrinsic rewards - money / fame


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