Overall impact of the Railroad 1869

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Overall impact of the Railroad 1869


  • Created lots of jobs
  • new industries, like battle rearing,grew and cow
  • Agricultural produced further trade
  • Growth in industries supplying the railroads
  • new towns and cities grown along railroads
  • Trade with china and Japan began on the west coast ports
  • Trains could goods and supplies everyone


  • Railroads intercepted the plains stopping Indians and buffalo roaming freely
  • Indians believed that the railroads were working against them because it was ruining sacred land.
  • Houses were built where the Native Americans used to roam. the land was fenced so Indians and Buffalos couldn't roam.
  • Buffalos no longer easy to hunt with fences and homesteaders.
  • Railroads brought white hunters that hunted the buffalo.


In conclusion, the railroad started the USA's industrial revolution by creating the increase demand of materials. tHis stimulated economic growth by improving access to goods and markets.Improved communications therefore helped ease the sense of isolation felt by the settlers, created national cohesion.more people settled in the west, improved aw and order and the need for goods and services.played large role in destroying the Native American's way of life. 


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