Organised thinking Britain Unit 2

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Irish crisis 


  • People in Ulster didn't want home rule they lived in Northern  Ireland and were majority protestant
  • In Ireland majority of the population made a living by renting farm land from the landlord class this was clled tenant farming.
  • In the mid nineteenth century famine and disease spread particularly the famine on 1846
  • By 1870/1880 ireland was in economical derpression
  • Gladstone proposed Ireland should have a parliament in Dublin taking charge of internal affairs, any foreign affairs such as trade and defence would remain under Westminster and in-turn Ireland would have no representative MP's in Westminster.
  • conservative Randolph Churchill wanted to stir up issues between North and South Ireland
  • During conservative dominance they planned to kill off Irish nationalism with kindness, so they extended land acts and attacked Parnell's reputation. Athur Balfour was made Secretary of Ireland
  • In 1890 Parnell feel from grace due to a forged letter condoning violence and his affair with a married woman. Gladstone said he'd withdraw support unless her resigned he refused but died months later
  • Gladstone posed the second home rule bill it was the same except Irish Mps would remain in Westminster (1893)
  • in 1900 the Irish nationalists became united under one leader again, Redman, but he had little political influence due to conservative ,majority and then in 1903 the land purchase act was passed..
  • in 1910 the people's budget was posed
  • In 1911 the parliment act was passed
  • in 1912 Edward Carson became Ulster leader
  • in 1912 the third home rule bill was posed
  • By 1914 almost 2/3 of irish farmers owned they're land due to the 86 million costing kill them with kindness scheme


  • They had a special relationship with Britain due to close links with trade and the empire and enjoyed more industrial prosperity than the agricultural south
  • this lead to mass poverty and the British Government responded with Lassiz-faire they didn't get involved and society divided in 1860 with a new nationalist movement
  • this lead farmers to act in violence twaord landlords when they couldn't pay rent  and Liberals realised they needed to prevent rebellion
  • In 1870 and 1881 land acts were passed making it easier for tenants to buy land rather than rent. The phoenix park murders were carried out killing many including Lord Harrington brother completed by Irish Nationalists.
  • The Liberal party divided as a result and chamberlain and Harrington left forming the Liberal  Unionists
  • This worked by then the crimes act was introduced which gave police and magistrates more power meaning in riots police shot and killed people legally Balfour was called Bloody Balfour and any disobedience could be punished with 6 months hard labour
  • Irish nationalists split between Justin McCarthy and John Redmond
  • this was rejected by the lords
  • This led to a conference of devoloution on the matter of Ireland but nothing was solved
  • Lloyd George was reliant on IN support they held the balance of power
  • Liberals were able to pass the bill
  • he was perceived as a good leader and charismatic,he had the support of Bonar-law as he resented the Irish nationalist movement
  • this couldn't be vetoed but was suspended for two years. Ulster unionists began to arm themselves to revolt and nationalists responded by arming themselves. Bonar-law promised support for this illegal unionist army which was actually an act of treason

Overall summary

The issue of Home-Rule dominated British politics and the Home rule act was put forward 3 times, mostly to please the Irish Nationalists while they held  the balance of power in Westminster. It was finally passed by suspended for 2 years and during this two years although nothing came into action two illegal military forced were formed and by 1914 civil war in Ireland seemed imminent.


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