Occupiers Liability Act 1984 - AQA A Level Law

who is the occupiers liability act 1984?

originally no d.o.c. was owed to trespassers.. this was harsh.what case showed the severity of owing no d.o.c.?

because it is so harsh, law was changes o occupiers owed trespassers a duty of 'common humanity'what case shows new d.o.c. owed?

and what about child trespassers?

what case shows this?

and what does this case show?

what are trespassers protected against (can claim)?

the occupier will only owe trespasser a d.o.c. if they meet how many criteria?

what are they?

what case backs up 'the occupier is aware of the danger'?

what case backs up 'occupier knows or thinks people will trespass'?

what case backs up 'some protection should be offered for the risk in all circumstances'?

is the time of day and year relevant to whether the occupier owes c a d.o.c. or not?

what case shows this?

how many defences can the occupier use?

what are they?


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