Nationalism looks to the past

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Nationalism looks to the past


  • P: conservative nationalism; E: based in reactionary through tradition and defence against socialism/liberalism; E: Bismarck/Disraeli/Alexander III using nationalism to defend institutions i.e monarchy/patriotism
  • P: expansionist nationalism; E: "myths" of past golden ages to inspire population and instill patriotism; E: Fascist Italy and Imperial Rome/Nazi Germany and 1st/2nd Reichs


  • P: liberal nationalists; E: national self-determination implies progress through independent nation-states; E: Wilson's plan for Europe post WWI
  • P: post-colonial nationalism; E: overthrow of colonial rule, looking towards rational-tinged governance; E: collectivisation of wealth in Mozambique, no monarchy

Overall comparison

More traditional strands look towards past but newer strands look towards future


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