Munich Putsch

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Munich Putsch


  • Hyperinflation had made many people unhappy due to it's effects of poverty and the occupation of the Ruhr led to many redundancies. Hitler wanted to exploit the discontent of the German people.
  • Hitler sensed that Stresemann's new government would drastically improve the economic and international problems and he needed to act whilst the unrest was still rampant.
  • Stresemann's government was tougher on extremist groups, with a left-wing revolt in Saxony being put down shortly before. Hitler could sense that the putting down of right-wing revolts was approaching.


  • Publicity - Hitler used his imprisonment to gain publicity for the NSDAP
  • There was a short ban on the NSDAP, which was lifted in 1925, this also gave publicity to the party.
  • Hitler was able to use him time in prison to write his autobiography 'Mein Kampf' which contained many Nazi ideologies.
  • Hitler was also able to think about the strategy that he needed to adopt in order to gain power in Germany.

Overall summary

Overall, the Munich Putsch had good consequences for the Nazi party, as ultimately they were able to gain a large amount of publicity from the imprisonment of Hitler and the ban on the NSDAP. The effects of this publicity was shown when the Nazi party won it's first (32) seats in the 1924 elections.


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