Mumbai - Urbanisation

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Mumbai - Urbanisation


  • Receives 1000 new migrants each day
  • Good services in Mumbai e.g. good university that produces easily hireable graduates.
  • Jobs in manufacturing industry e.g. textile industry, engineering and food processing.
  • People believe they will have a better quality of life in the city.


  • Health problems - pollution in shanty towns and without a water supply or sanitation facilities. The current healthcare cannot meet the demands for the increasing population
  • Poor education due to widespread poverty which leads to a large % of population being unemployed.
  • Poor transport links: incredibly cramped, has even led to the deaths of 3500 people. As well as air pollution, congestion and long journey times
  • IMR very high; 40 out of 1000 deaths

Overall summary

Urbanisation has has a positive impact on Mumbai as it has provided 33% of India's entire tax revenue however the negative impacts seem to outweigh the positives. It has led to widespread poverty and more than half the population live in slums because of this.


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