Moral and decent lives in The Great Gatsby

June 2014 - Nick says that, when he returned from the east, he wanted the world to be 'at a sort of moral attention forever'. How far do you think that the Great Gatsby affirms the virtues of living a moral and decent life? (21 marks)

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  • Not financially stable but very hard working
  • Tries to surround himself with people he loves
  • One of the few characters that doesn't cheat
  • His moral interests makes him loose his 'good life'
  • Loved his wife - lead to Gatsby's death
  • People walk all over him and take advantage of him
  • Not finacially stable but cheats on her husband so she is clearly not morally strong
  • No feelings for Wilson
  • Her morally unsound ways are what kills her



  • Nick progresses in terms of morality though out the novel
  • Finds out about Tom cheating on Daisy but it's not seen as immoral, just rude - everyone knows about it
  • Doesn't know how to react to Tom's affair with Myrtle (but doesn't tell anyone about the secret)
  • Sees Gatsby as a criminal at first but later learns to empathize with him
  • Learns that people can be good and bad at the same time and he chooses to see the good in Gatsby
  • Just can't understand why no one even showed an interest in Gatsby's funeral
  • Abandons his morals; illegally earns his money to win back Daisy
  • Feels no remorse about breaking up a marriage
  • Not as bad as Toms adultery; Gatsby loves Daisy
  • "Even though he's a handsome, well-dressed gangster, he's still a gangster"
  • All his actions are for passionate love towards Daisy but does that rule out everything?


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