Military Strengths and Weaknesses of Outremer from 1148

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Military Strengths and Weaknesses of Outremer from 1148


  • 1150- Baldwin refortifies the town of Gaza. This was a success as it meant there was better protection for the Crusaders States, especially Jerusalem.
  • 1153- Crusader States capture Ascalon. This inadvertently broke down the Fatimid rule.
  • 1157/58- Baldwin III marries Theodora Komnenus. This strengthens the relationship between Byzantium and the Crusader States.
  • 1158- Nurredin and Baldwin agree to a truce. This created peace between the fighting groups.
  • 1162- Baldwin died and Amalric became King. Although a good King had died, a better one had taken over.
  • 1164- Amalric and Shawar take on Shirkuh in Egypt. This was a success as it removed the Muslim threat from Egypt.
  • 1168- Amalric and Manuel make an alliance. This strengthens the relationship between the Crusader States and Byzantium.
  • 1168- Amalric marches on Cairo and overthrows Shawar. Success for the Christians although it essentially lead to a Muslim success too.
  • 1171- Amalric and Nurredin make a truce and Amalric and the Byzantines become friends.


  • 1148- Crusaders fail to capture Damascus. This lead to Nurredin taking Damascus and uniting the Muslim States.
  • 1149- Battle of Inab. Nurredin attacked Antioch and Raymond of Antioch dies, leaving a succession crisis.
  • 1152- Raymond II of Tripoli gets killed by the assassins. This meant that there was a minor inheriting the throne. Baldwin had to become regent which meant there was a lack of stable power.
  • 1155- Reynald de Chatillon attacks Cyprus which was a Byzantine holding.  He attacked the Patriarch of Antioch to get money and Cyprus was sacked. This created tensions between the two powers.
  • 1163- Amalric raided Egypt and failed. This did not represent Amalric as a good ruler and also meant that Muslim forces were still at large in Egypt
  • 1164- The Battle of Artah. Nurredin attacked Antioch again and Bohemond II was defeated and captured. Nurredin did not attack the city itself as it was under Byzantium protection.
  • 1169- Shirkuh returns to Egypt and the Muslims regain full power. This gave the Muslims more power and made them more of a threat as they now surrounded Outremer from all directions.


Each Principality faced threats: Antioch: Nurredin; Manuel; Power Vacuum; The battle of Myriokephalon in 1176; The sale of Edessa. Tripoli: Raymond of Tripoli's assassination; Baldwin's role as Regent; Muslim Massacre (Muslim resent towards Tripoli). Jerusalem: Amalric's desire to attack Muslim Egypt; Saladin and Shirkuh; Nurredin; Lost alliance with Damascus; Manuel.


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