Medieval Medicine and the Church

Medieval Medicine and the Church


  • Ran the only hospitals in England.
  • Some priests tested Galen's theories, thus attempting to move forward in medical discoveries.
  • Instructed people to care for the sick.
  • Promoted Galen's theories.
  • Allowed dissection for anatomical study purposes.
  • 10% of the hospitals they ran were to care for the sick.


  • Church encouraged writing prayers on patients as a form of treatment, stopping medical advancement.
  • Priests who did challenge Galen's theories were thrown in prison for alleged heresy, stopping their advancements.
  • Only allowing dissection for anatomy studies rather than for advancements.
  • 90% of 'hospitals' were more like hotels that we know now.
  • Only promoted Galen's theories.


In this case the disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages. The Church did hinder the advancement of medical studies but they did run the only hospitals in England. They did push Galen's theories on everyone but at least they were pushing some form of medical ideology . In conclusion they did hinder advancement considerably but they did allow dissection for some reasons and did run hospital so I do think they do deserve some credit.




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