Media in elections

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Media in elections


  • Keeps people informed and able to access up to date information- up to date on political developments - eg BBC NEWS WEBSITE
  • Allows easier communication between representatives and public- representatives can reach out to the public and journalists easily/instantly-through social media- ALL PARTIES NOW HAVE FACEBOOK GROUPS
  • People can get involved in politics easier- gives people a voice and a platform- social media- MUMSNET- forums based website-parents can speak about issues important to them


  • can be biased-newspapers-means information is exaggerated/ inaccurate-2015 majority of newspapers- biggest selling newspapers-backed conservatives
  • some use of media doesn't have effect-is pointless-post debate analysis says many voters already made up mind when watching debates- have little impact on election result-in 2010 after nick clegg's tv debate debut- surge of support for lib dems- net loss of 5 seats
  • Information can be inaccurate or fake as anyone can post information/ have a platform-facebook look for fake news by looking closely at the URL  and investigating the sources



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