Marketisation Policies- The 1988 Education Reform Act

Marketisation Policies- The 1988 Education Reform Act


  • The marketisation of education- made schools more like businesses in competition with one another
  • Parentocracy- parents were seen as consumers therefore schools had to become more answerable to their needs


  • Formula funding (Marketisation)- money was given to the school depending on the number of pupils attracted to it
  • National testing and league tables- SATS at 7,11,14 and 16, these results are then published in league tables therefore allowing parents to easily compare the results of various schools- increasing competition
  • Open enrolment Miriam David (parentocracy)- parents could express a preference for a school of their choice and the school cannot refuse a pupil a place if it has vacancies

Overall summary

Conservatives are heavily influenced by the New Right/ Neo liberal perspective hence explaining the prevalence of ideas such as raising standards and increasing competition.


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