Lady Macbeth and Havisham

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Lady Macbeth and Havisham


  • They are both emotionally unstable - use of oxymorons
  • Use of strange metaphors
  • Lonely , troubled , maladjusted, distressed, neurotic, demented, unhinged, unbalanced, insane, cruel, foul, difficult, pragmatic, driven, greedy, vile, arrogance.


  • Havisham holds her husband responsible for jilting her which ultimately ruined her life whereas Lady Macbeth is responsible for ruining her husbands life.
  • Powerful, Confident and unconventional attitude

Overall comparison

Differences:Unlike , however , on the other hand, in contrast , yet, instead , alternatively , nevertheless, whereas , on the contrary.<br />Similarities: Also , more over , likewise , therefore , in addition , as well , indeed , &nbsp;additionally, furthermore.


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