Islamic East and Christian West

Islamic East and Christian West


  • Both connected to religious beliefs.
  • Both wanted to heal and care for the sick rather than just letting nature take it's course and eventually killing the victim.
  • Both cared for all classes
  • Both cared for people of all religions.


  • Islamic East believed that Allah created cures for all diseases whereas Christian West believed that illness was a punishment from God.
  • Islamic doctors treated patients with medications whereas Christian doctors treated patients with strict diet and prayer.
  • Christians believed that illness was a punishment from God and Islamic people believed that someone with an illness was an unfortunate victim.
  • Islamic East pushed for new ideology but Christian West wanted to keep Galen's ideas as fact.

Overall comparison

In comparison, the Islamic East were much more accepting of new ideas and medications. They also weren't afraid to change things for the advancement of medicine. Opposite to that the Christian West were totally opposed to any new ideas, medication or an other change within medical advancement. 


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