History- Weimar Republic.

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History- Weimar Republic- Strengths and weaknesses.


  • Weimar Republic attempted to create a perfect Democratic country.
  • Democratic= Something that follows rules and has fair process
  • All men and women over age 20, had right to vote.
  • Every German had freedom of speech, religion and equality under the law.
  • Elected president and Reichstag (Parliament)
  • Reichstag made laws+appointed gov which had to obey what they wanted.


  • Weimar looked like the perfect democracy but had 2 major weaknesses.
  • Proportional representation and Article 48.
  • Proportional representation= instead of voting for an MP, Weimar Germans voted for party. Party had allocated seats in the Reichstag exactly reflecting the number of people that had voted for them. Sounds fair but in practise ,was a disaster, resulted in dozens of tiny parties, no party strong enough to get majority therefore no gov to get laws passed in Reichstag
  • Article 48- Said: in emergencies, president don't need agreement of Reichstag, could issue Decrees. Problem: didn't say what emergency was, in the end, turned out to be back door that Hitler used to take power legally.


Decrees: Laws passed by one minister in a parliament which have not been approved by the majority parliament. Think about arguments and facts you would use to explain: 1) What the Weimar Constitution of 1919 said.2) How good the Weimar Constitution was.


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