Hippolytus- Aphrodite



Supporting Quote

  • Proud
  • Jealous
  • Selfish
  • Respectful (of other Gods)                                                                              .
  • Powerful                                                                                                            .
  • Ruthless                                                                                                             .
  • Callous                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .
  • Narcissistic                                                                                                        .
  • Conceited                                                                                                          .
  • Loyal
  • "For his offences against me..." (Hippolytus has hurt her pride)
  • "It is Artemis...that he honours..."
  • "Phaedra must die..." (Doesn't care about Phaedra as collateral, as long as she gets what she wants).
  • "For that I bear him no ill will..." (Doesn't care that Hippolytus focuses on Artemis; jealous that he doesn't worship her as well).
  • "Not without fame among mortals..."                                                           "Those who are arrogant towards me I cast down."
  • "His father will kill him..."                                                                                 "The other, Phaedra, must die...."
  • "I am determined to make my enemy pay a penalty great enough to satisfy me- her catastrophe is a secondary consideration."                     "As for the young man who makes war on me, his father will kill him."
  • "But for his offences against me I shall in the course of this next day take revenge on Hippolytus."
  • "I am called Cypris, a powerful goddess and not without fame among mortals and in heaven."
  • I give precedence to those who revere my power."


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