Has Devolution been a success?


Has Devolution been a success?


  • Devolution has not led to the break up of the UK but still managed to create devolved powers.
  • Devolved assemblies are very popular and no calls for it to be overturned.
  • Welsh interest in devolution has increased, showing their commitment to devolution.
  • Has secured a peaceful environment in Northern Ireland for around 20 years due to proportional STV.
  • Elected mayors has led to greater regional identities in England.


  • Scottish desire for independence has increased dramatically since devolution.
  • Interest in devolved assemblies is low. As shown by low turnout to elections.
  • West Lothian question is still unresolved.
  • England has had the short end of the stick in terms of devolution.


Devolution has been a success to a large extent as it has allowed other nation-states to take action without having to go through Westminster in certain areas but it also has led to a greater sense of identity within each devolved institution. However, devolution has caused conflict over how much power should be devolved and inspired nation-states to try for independence.


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