Hard Engineering


Hard Engineering


  • Often more effective at preventing flooding than Soft Engineering options
  • Dams and reservoirs provide oportunity for Hydroelectric power
  • Job opotunities (e.g in builing artifical levees/dams)
  • Building flood banks is relatively cheap


  • Most methods are very expensive
  • Can harm the environment and destroy wildlife habitats
  • Building dams can cause flooding upstream and produces methane gas.
  • Not athetically pleasing (don't look good)
  • Skilled workers needed to build dams or straighten river channels


There are many types of hard engineering such as: building dams, staightening river channels and building artificial levees. 
Overall the disadvantages outweigh the advantages (for me personally) as Hard Engineering is extremely expensive and not a sustainable way to mangage floods. Although hard engineering methods tend to be effective and dams do provide opportunities for Hydrroelectric power I think the damage caused by building these outweights these advantages. PersonnalIy I believe there are better options, such as soft engineering methods, to control floods. 




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