• Economic - World trade has rapidly increased, this has been heavily influenced by the growth of TNCs. TNCs have also helped the economic growth of NICs and therefore also an increase in personal wealth.
  • 'Global Culture' - has been created, mostly through the spread of western culture. Some elements of other cultures have become a part of western culture for example food.
  • Political - Social groupings of Nations and trade blocs have reduce the influence of individual states and meant discussions and decisions can be held between countries. Also the spread of Western democracy has also influenced the developing world. Helping to reduce corruption.
  • Demographics - the increase in immigration both within and between countries has lead to the growth of multiculturalism.


  • Poorer nations have been exploited by TNCs for the cheap labour coats, creating sweatshops.
  • emergence of the 'electrical sweat shop' especially in India as the service sector has grown and outsourcing has become popular.
  • The opportunities in developed countries has created a brian drain in less developed nations as young people leave. Young people leaving also creates and ageing population structure leaving other problems for the government
  • Western Culture has spread and in some cases meant traditional cultures have been lost.
  • Environmental impacts have been huge - atmospheric pollutants, extinction of species due to loss of habitat and global warming.


Globalisation has played a key part in shaping the world today, the development of NICs like China, Taiwan etc would not have been possible without. But careless management and a prioritisation of economic issues has meant social and environmental problems have risen and now need solving. 


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