Geography HEDC Kobe Case Study

Geography HEDC Kobe Case Study


  • 5.46am, 17th january 2005
  • Plate movement between Philippines plate subucting under the Eurasian plate
  • Earthquake measured 7.2 on richter scale


  • Social - (Pri.) 1km stretch hanshin Expressway collased, bridges along 130km stretch of bullet train route destroped (Sec.) Roads were at gridlock, delaying medical service
  • Economic - (Pri.) 120 out of 150 quays in port of Kobe destroyed, (Sec.) Industries such as Mitsubishi and panasonic forced to close
  • Environmental - (Sec.) 716 recorded aftershocks lasted for several days (74 strong enough to be felt)

Overall summary

Short term responses - Increase in seismic instruments to record the Earth's movements, people were evacuated, energy rations provided, rescue teams searched for survivors for 10 days|||||Japan is used to earthquakes, so a lot of resources have already gone into that, Infrastructure (water, gas, telephone services and electricity) were fully functional by July, In 1 yr, port of Kobe 80% was functional


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