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  • The wind is a one of the main causes of creating tidal waves,by pushing down on the water, it then surges back up again in a repeptitive cylce which creates waves. If something disrupts the  sea bed;Like an underwater earthquake, then it can trigger a tsunami, one of the most deadliest waves, and can travel for hours and hours till it reaches shore, these large waves can cause a lot of destruction.


  • The effects of a large wave can be devastating, they can;Destroy peoples homes and possessions, can be lethal and  intoxicate all drinking water, crops and farmland will be destroyed and all the farm animals killed. These waves are called Destructive waves, smaller waves are called Constructive waves, which do little damage, an example of a Constructive wave is the one which comes in on the beach, the little, calm ripples of water, or ones which are constructed  by surfers.

Overall summary

To summarize, destructive waves can be found in open areas but do not occur a lot, whereas constructive waves can be found everywhere and occur more often than not in small spaces. The wind plays a big part in creating these waves.


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