Gatsby and sonnet 116

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Gatsby and sonnet 116


  • Both Shakespeare's perspective and Gatsby's character share an unwavering faithfulness. Both prove to be prepared to endure extreme lengths for love.
  • Both also believe that love never alters- and for Gatsby, it never has. Since meeting Daisy, he has neve questioned his affection for her.


  • Time is a theme that remains constant for Shakespeare as he proposes that over time love grows stronger and the difficulties people face only make their love stronger. Whereas for Daisy, the time that lapses between Daisy and Gatsby meeting again has changed Daisy, she is no longer the person she used to be.
  • This further links into the theme of delusion within Gatsby. Both Daisy and Gatsby's ideals are very different. Shakespeare make it clear that the lovers within his poem are aligned and in agreement with one another.

Overall comparison

Overall summary of Sonnet 116:The concept of love is not just physical, but mental as the ideal love is the bond between two minds. Love remains strong even until after death and Shakespeare claims he would take back everything he says if he turns out to b wrong. 


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