Evaluate using a CV as a method of application

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Evaluate using a CV as a method of application


  • The candidate has usually already prepared this so very quick and easy way for candidates to apply for a position. Quick to send as an attachment to an email so organisation receives information quickly and can speed up the process when facing a tight recruitment time deadline
  • Candidate can produce a truly unique and personalised document that paints a detailed and in depth profile of their skills experience and qualifications that helps to match the applicant to the person specification and makes matching and choosing candidates for interview much easier


  • Candidates can lie and manipulate the truth by leaving out key issues or gaps in their employment history or by exaggerating and embellishing upon their career record. This can mislead human resources staff and end with the wrong candidates being chosen for interview. There is no signed statement of honesty required as a protection with a CV
  • The lack of standardisation on a CV makes it very difficult to compare candidates with each other if they all have a different style of CV. It is easier to consider an application form with standard questions, allowing all candidates to answer them which will help comparison. Questions or sections on an application form can be designed to fit the specific needs of the organisation's recruitment policy which also speeds up the process by avoiding unnecessary information



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