Eva Smith/Daisy Renton's Death

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Eva Smith/Daisy Renton's Death


  • Mr Birling - fired her from his works because she protested to get higher wages and Birling saw her as the ring leader
  • Sheila Birling - got Eva fired from Milwards because she was jealous of how Eva looked in a dress that Sheila had tried on but had not suited her
  • Gerald Croft - made her his mistress because he felt sorry for her and 'loved' her. He was also drunk and bored of Sheila
  • Eric Birling - got her pregnant and stole money because he was drunk and to give the money to Daisy
  • Mrs Birling - refused to help Eva Smith because she thought she was a liar because she called herself 'Mrs Birling'


  • She was out of a job with no income and no stable job
  • She was again without a stable job
  • Eva was upset and had no money. Also, she had her heart broken
  • She became pregnant
  • Left her penniless with no one who cared for her. Which lead her to drink disinfectant and kill herself

Overall summary

The overall effect the other characters had on Eva was ultimately leaving her feeling abandoned and alone and uncared for because of all the rejection she had faced. This then led to her committing suicide.


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